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Sell Alert: Outset Medical (OM)

Sell Alert: Outset Medical (OM)
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Let's go ahead and move Outset Medical (OM) out of the goodBUYs portfolio.

We're down 21% on this position since I put this stock in the portfolio December 6. What bothers me is that the stock is fell sharply through its post-IPO lows of last year:

And while there's a chance that it could be rebound next week, that's a chance we shouldn't take.

If the markets fall sharply, and we get a tradeable bottom in the days after the MLK holiday, there will be lots of other stocks we can get into for substantial gains as well.

As always, we're trying to keep losses on the small side while biding our time for better days.

Best of goodBUYs,

Jeff Yastine