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Q: How do I cancel or change my premium subscription?

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Q: How many trades do you issue per month or per year?

A: On average, you'll see 3 to 5 trades a month. But the actual number depends on market conditions.

Here's what all that means...

Some weeks and months we have a lot of trades, with fewer (or occasionally, no trades) if the market just isn't cooperating (i.e. heading lower).

I just don't think it's right for me to "recommend" a stock to anyone if I don't think it has a decent chance of going up at the time I recommend it.

But if you're patient, you're going to get a lot more trades than you asked for - and in my opinion, with better results much of the time as well.

For example:

January 2023: I recommended 7 stocks within a handful of days because I believed stocks were setting up for a sharp tradeable rally.

For 2022: I recommended nearly 60 stocks as the bear market gave us steep declines and brief sharp rallies. That works out to 4 to 5 trades a month.

I finished the 2022 bear market year with a (-10%) loss in the goodBUYs portfolio, while our smallcap benchmark fell (-30%) for the same time period.

For 2021: With 10 months of publication, I recommended 33 stocks, an average of 3 a month.

I finished 2021 with a 2% gain in the goodBUYs portfolio while our smallcap benchmark fell (-3%) as an emerging bear market first began to put pressure on small stocks.

Q: Is the goodBUYreport a trading service or an investing service?

A: It is both.

I have subscribers who tell me they "swing trade" my recommendations - buying now and selling a few days or a few weeks later. I have other subscribers who are clearly long-term investors. Everyone makes their own decisions and reaps (or rues) the results.

But the way I view all this is to call myself a "long-term trader"...

In other words, my goal is to "trade into" a stock so that - ideally - I have a profit in the stock almost right from the start. It doesn't always work out that way, of course.

But I don't want to spend many weeks, months or years owning a stock at a loss because I'm convinced ,that it will eventually go higher.

I print specific "Buy" instructions and "Sell at a loss" target prices.

In trading and investing, time IS money. The longer we spend in a stock that doesn't yet show a profit for us, the more time we lose putting that money in another stock that could show better results, faster.