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Why Most Investors Fail: They Don't Know "the Hidden Formula"

Why Most Investors Fail: They Don't Know "the Hidden Formula"
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During my time as an investments editor and independent trader, I've had the privilege to meet, talk and correspond with thousands of investors just like yourself.

One day it struck me that there was a common thread that ran through many of those conversations...

They were all about fear of failure and losing money.

No one likes talking about it. Yet if we don't give ourselves the knowledge and tools to overcome those challenges, we'll never really succeed. Instead, we'll just keep making money - and losing much (or all of it) back - over and over again.

I ran into that same problem myself in my early days. And I learned a hard truth...

Avoiding "Game Over"

Wall Street and most investment gurus are happy to tell us WHAT stock to buy, WHEN to buy, and at a specified price.

But the question of HOW MUCH stock to buy? HOW MANY shares should be purchased?

Most gurus are clueless. They don't know - because it means talking about the idea of risk - which most of them have never studied. They "just" recommend stocks. How many shares you should buy...well, that's your problem!

And yet that is exactly the reason most traders and investors fail - and "blow up" their accounts.

They take on too much risk - they buy too many shares, relative to the size of their accounts. If they have too many losses in a row - or only a few unfortunate big ones - it's "game over." Their portfolio is so heavily damaged that there's no practical means of recovery (except to put in even more money and somehow hope for a better outcome next time).

Facing the same challenge as a young trader, I was able to discover what I call the Hidden Formula to Investing Success. In fact, I wrote a whole report about it for my subscribers. You can download it yourself by clicking here.

"The Formula" (as I like to call it) allows me to survive corrections and bear markets, and keep myself positioned to thrive in the market's next cycle higher.

Mission of the goodBUYreport

So that's my main goal of this investment service.

I want us to win, and win big at stocks. But not at the cost of potential failure - i.e. big, unsustainable losses in our investment accounts.

I think it's shameful when other gurus tell people that they should accept massive (and supposedly temporary) uninterrupted losses in the name of being "bold and optimistic," "diamond hands," or whatever other term they want to apply.

Not with my money!

So with every trade, I show all subscribers the tools and formula to figure out "risk" for themselves.

Some people like to bet a lot - and take lots of risk - on each trade. Others only a little. It's a personal choice.

Either way, as goodBUYreport subscribers, they now they have a much clearer way to see their potential losses and their potential gains.

With the Hidden Formula in hand, they know how to truly keep their losses small, while letting their winners run higher and higher.

Jeff Yastine