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New Premium Upgrade/Payment Link

Click the buttons in this link to securely subscribe to goodBUYreport, either by the month, or by the year.
New Premium Upgrade/Payment Link

It was recently brought to my attention that I have not provided an easy way (or any way at all) to subscribe to the premium level of goodBUYreport, with your complimentary subscriptions running out as we head towards the end of the month.

So feel free to click this link (which is also now viewable as a home page tab) for the $5/month, $50/year payment options.

All Patreon subscription payments have been effectively cancelled since August 1st. I also took the extra step of digitally "mothballing" the site this morning as well, so it's no longer viewable online.

If you've experienced any problems or hang-ups in the transition to goodBUYreport over the past month please get in touch with me at jeff@goodbuyreport.com.

Best of goodBUYs!