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Special Report: My "Top 5 goodBUYs" for 2022!

Special Report: My "Top 5 goodBUYs" for 2022!
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One of the reasons I enjoy researching, buying and trading stocks is that any one idea...can make a huge difference to the financial goals we all set for ourselves.

I'm proud of the goodBUYs premium portfolio's track record since starting this publication 9 months ago.

In a lopsided market that rewarded megacap stocks and punished almost all others, we're finishing up with a gain of 17%.

We've already had 2 stocks that offered opportunities to take profits of 100% or better. I'm excited that our other positions are also performing well, and if the broader market cooperates, could be our next big winners for the coming year.

So in celebration, I'm sending out this special report, my "Top 5 goodBUYs for 2022" which - as I do for all premium subscribers - I'll be tracking and commenting on in weekly and special alerts throughout the year.

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Enjoy and have a happy and safe New Year!

Jeff Yastine

Editor & Publisher, the goodBUYreport