About the goodBUYreport

I started the goodBUYreport in 2020 for a couple of important reasons... First reason: I wanted to create a home for my own investment newsletters and other articles about my favorite stocks and market insights.
About the goodBUYreport

I wanted to build a space that was fun and exciting to talk about all that - but also reflected who I am, with as few layers between me and my subscribers as possible.

Let me explain...

A Long Time Coming

For more than a decade now, I've been helping ordinary investors make sense of the stock market, and identify the best stocks to buy.

It's all based on my own "fusion" method of successful investing and trading, combining the best of both fundamental and technical analysis, with a large emphasis on controlling risk.

That's what my goodBUYreport is all about.

For the past decade, I've been helping ordinary investors identify great stocks and big profits like...

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I started the goodBUYreport in March 2021 after years as a featured stocks guru and newsletter editor, with tens of thousands of subscribers, at leading investment sites like Banyan Hill Publishing...

A 2017 edition of Total Wealth Insider

As well as Newsmax Financial...

And also at well-known newsletter firms like Oxford Club, and WealthPress.

They're all fine folks. Unfortunately, the trend within the financial newsletter industry is for publishers to put their marketing focus on promoting the sizzle (greed) in order to quickly bring in thousands of paying-subscribers at a clip.

Promoted Stocks = Poor Value

I did my share of those. Inevitably, I'd spend months researching fantastic stock ideas with strong growth, good value for the price, and the right technical formation on their charts.

Then months would go by. And even more months... while the newsletter braintrusts develop their hyped-up idea for a promo.

Much of the time, when the promo was finally ready for its internet debut - those same stocks were already far higher, with the best gains fully reflected in the price.

Does this sound familiar to you?

With the goodBUYreport, I want to avoid that possibility at all costs.

The second reason for starting the goodBUYreport...

I noticed a repeating pattern. A publisher would invite me to join his shop, with lots of promises made. But eventually business conditions change for one reason or another.

Promises are forgotten. Other priorities take hold.

Just like that, a decision is made to stop publishing a newsletter like mine, leaving thousands of paying subscribers - with portfolios of stocks I told them were good buys - left to twist in the wind.

To circle back to this website...

I want to do it right.

I want to give myself and my subscribers a home that can't be taken away.

I want to focus on promising stocks free of "promotion hype" that have the best odds of heading sharply higher.

I want all of us to meet our financial goals for creating a better life for ourselves and our families.

That's what the goodBUYreport is all about.

Best of goodBUYs!